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C´est pour toi Krokro , rien que pour toi

Tout est expliqué ici

En gros , c´est un FFA qui se déroule tout les Week ends (samedi 20h30 pour nous ), avec des thèmes et un système de points qui a l´air vraiment pas mal :

Comme on le voit par exemple , gagner rapporte 7 points ,
mais péter un TC avant les 10 min en rapporte 8 , et battre un joueur en rapporte 6 : ça veut dire que ceux qui rushent et pètent un adversaire avant les 10 min gagnent un total de 14 points ! , soit deux fois plus que celui qui fait que gagner .

Puis , la révolution rapporte 4 points , et tous les points gagnés après la révolution rapporte le double . un autre truc à savoir , est le fait que si tu gagne par le monopole commercial , tu gagnes tous les points comme si tu avais battu tous les joueurs , + les 7 points gagnant , + 3 points bonus ( imagine que tu as fait la révolution à ce moment , et tu double le tout lol )

Il y a plein d´autres règles sympa avec le système de points , et il y aura des thèmes chaques semaines . Bref , ca devrait etre varié .
je m´avance peut etre un peu , mais ce n´est pas la premiere fois que l´orga fait ça , donc ca doit etre relativement bien foutu
Et une dernier point , le niveau l´année derniere allait de caporal , à major , donc tu as toutes tes chance master Krokro
Merci encore
Je me suis inscrit et j´invite d´autres WG(a)s à venir me rejoindre.
les murs sont obligatoire? , c´est pas asian only ^^ ?

et y´aurait des races TWC , (je profite de ce poste pour ceux qui aurait envie , envoyez moi un exemplaire de TWC dont vous vous servez plus )

le probleme avec la revolution c´est qu´on peut pas les faire avec les FR , que les militaires de la rev sont tout weak , et qu´on à plus d´eco en dehors des usines et des routes commercial ce qui est asez chiant ?

Bah non, si t´es sûr de remporter le FFA, fais ta révolution afin de gagner un peu plus.

Le truc à faire est de rusher à fond au début, ensuite temporiser (yaura toujours des malins qui vont boomer comme des porcs mais bon ...). Parvenir à rester dans les derniers et ensuite révolution powa

Je pense m´inscrire
C´est super bien ça mais, quelles sont les dates?
Greetings to All,

Chatroom Pass = aoe3hrox

Round 1

Date: 19th January
Time: 8pm GMT/3pm HG Time
Map: Yellow River

Patience Is A Virtue

Last person to reach Colonial will recieve 6 Points

One By One

You may only advance to Fortress, Industrial, and Imperial when only a certain amount of people remain:

Age to Fortress - 5 People Left
Age to Industrial - 4 People Left
Revolt - 4 People Left
Age to Imperial - 2 People Left

In case you don?t know, my name is LordPatrick, or LP. Twice yearly, I organise a FFA League here at HeavenGames, with Fun being the sole aim. There are no prizes, except bragging rights for 6 Months, an perhaps a nice colour like Sporting or cookie?s. There have only been 2 Leagues previous to this, both of which were hugely successful, but I hope that the first League of 2008 will surpass both previous League?s with flying colours in terms of enjoyment and participation.

I suppose the first thing you should know about these leagues is that it is purely for enjoyment, and any flaming, or personal attacks of any sort are not tolerated. While you are encouraged to try and do your best in all your games, it is recommended you don?t get too competitive. Competition is important, but a light-hearted attitude is needed if you are to do well in the League. There will be circumstances where the best player did not win the game, and it is important you accept this. In fact the best player rarely wins the game, but he does often find himself sitting on top of the leader board.

For that is the second most important thing about these Leagues. They are based on a point system, with points being awarded for achievements in the game rather than winning it. Points are focused on rushing and KO?ing opponents mainly. The full list of Points can be seen below.

Finally, an important thing to note is that there are no skill requirements you need to have to enter these Leagues. Last year we had ranks ranging from Conscript to Major, and don?t be disheartened is you are the lowest ranked in your game, FFA favours the underdog.

Probably the defining feature of these Leagues is the Themes. Every week will have 1 or two themes which make gameplay a little more interesting. Some will provide incentives for Points, others a rule which must be followed by all. Examples include Points for Last to Colonial, or you can?t age until someone is KO?ed.

Every week you will be notified of the rules a couple of days in advance. The same will apply for Maps.

I don?t think I?ve missed anything, so down to business?


- No cheating of any sort, rules must be followed and respected at all times
- No Flaming in-game or in this thread. If someone is flaming you in-game feel free to notify me so I can sort it out.
- You DO NOT choose who is in your game. Often I will work on a first come, first served basis, and tell the Host who to invite, but if I say someone can?t play with someone, that is final.
- If you have connection trouble, that is your problem not mine. Unfortunately, I cannot move people around for 1 person?s sake. If someone ant connect, they try sort it out before I replace them
- All games are Recorded and posted here in HG?s extremely useful Recorded Games section


All games will take place Every Saturday throughout the League at 7:30pm GMT. If you have queries about what time that is in your city, this should help!. Games usually start a bit earlier than that, so don?t be afraid to turn up early.

It is possible there will be a Sunday game at the same time for those who missed the Saturday one, but do not rely on Sunday games, they do not always happen,


Games are 6-Men FFAs. Once the timer hits 1:45:00, the game is stopped. You can keep playing if you want, but I will pause the rec, and adjudicate all further points from there.

Point System

Winning = 7 Points

Second = 5 Points

Third = 3 Points

KO?ing an Opponent = 6 Points*

Knocking Starting TC Sub-10 Mins = 8 Points

Knocking a Starting TC Sub-15 Mins = 4 Points

Unqiue Civ = 2 Points

First to Industrial = 1 Point

First to 1000 Points = 2 Points

First to Trigger TM = 2 Points

Winning by TM = Winning + Player KO´s + 3 Points****

Revolting = 4 Points**

2X Teamed = 4 Points***

Most Treasures = 1 Point

Wall Spamming = Void for the Round

* - KO?s may be split between 2 or 3
** - All points gained after revolting are Doubled
*** - This my decision whether you doubled or not. Intent must usually be shown to double a player if it is to count.
**** - This is a complex topic. Basically you get All the points you would get if you won normally, + 3 Points, but if each time it fails, all remaining players get 2 Extra points. The extra points will not apply to other players if you start it to get 1st TM and then stop it yourself, but you must stop it yourself within 30 Seconds.


The League will commence on Saturday 19th of January 2008, and will continue every Saturday for 10 weeks. For this reason, it is more suitably called the 2008 Spring Series.