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Tiberium Wars Clan League of ?The Gaming League? (Command & conquer 3)

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Tiberium Wars Clan League of ?The Gaming League?: the best teams of the League will get 150 Euro prize money

Ladies and gentlemen,

after having finished the first Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars event, we draw a positive bilance: we have observed many interesting and exciting wars and also found some aspects to change in order to improve the quality of the Primar Tiberium Wars League [PWTL]. So keep your eyes opened, these are the changements:

Many teams have experienced problems setting up the date for their wars. Aiming at simplifying this procedure, we introduce a new system what has been favored by the majority of participants: the PTWL will have three default dates ? each team has to accept two of these dates what results in at least one date being accepted by both teams. Though, clans may still set up other dates for their wars. The three dates will be Wednesday, 20:00 CET, Saturday, 19:00 CET and Sunday, 19:00 CET. In order to support team orgas, scheduling will be possible up to thirty minutes left to the war?s start (down from sixty). All series will be played on the set up day ? postponings are not allowed and will result in a default loss, as long as both sides don?t agree. Teams? orgas will be able to set up temporary results and entering them to the db by confirming the final result. The map pool for 2on2s and 1on1s will be reduced and balanced. As we will be starting a league, each series will count, what results in all of them being played. If the team series (3on3 and 2on2) are being played first, the wars won?t take as much time as the other way round, as players won?t have to wait for each other. Even though, we want to your opinion: if you think clan wars will take too much time though, we can hold the 3on3s in best-of-one mode: one map, one winner. A poll concerning this top will be started soon at our page. Enough said concerning the changements, here are the facts.

League system:

One group each division (12 Players) Playoffs: #1 and #2 are qualified for the playoffs, #3 vs #6 and #4 vs #5 will determinate the other participants. Playdowns: #12, #11 will have to requalify. #7 vs #10 and #8 vs #9 will determinate who else will have to go through the requalification. If any team has to forfeit a whole war, it will be direclty disqualified. Everything not mentioned will be handled as done at the Opening Cup. The Rules will be set up these days. Prizes:

The TGL will provide a prize pool of overall 150,- Euros for this first season of the PTWL.

How to qualify:

Participants of the Opening Cup:

Send a short mail to . Add anything new that might let us seed you to a better position. Update your teams? rooster. New participants:

Leader/orga: register an account and register a team. All players register an account and join the team (go to team?s page, follow the ?Join Team? link). Send a mail to Include the link to your team and anything that might help us seed you to a better position. All applications sent until Wednesday, December 19th will be accepted.


The TGL is looking for new C&C admins. If you are interested in administrating matches and think you might fit into our team, send a mail describing yourself and your eSport-Profile to

Furthermore, we are also looking for people who would like to act as C&C:TW ? shoutcasters. If you are interested, send a short mail about your personal information to

Good luck to all appliers!

source:;id=433If you have questions, yet, write an email to