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Un tournois Hearthstone ? VRAIMENT

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ET oui les loulous,  je commence à faire mon ptit bonhomme de chemin dans  l'e-sport.

Après avoir  recruté l'une des meilleurs équipes de joueurs HearthStone, Je vous annonce officiellement que j'organise avec GamersOrigin , le plus gros tournois hearthstone physique jamais fait.

300 joueurs , 1000 euros de cash prize, toussa toussa.

Je vous file le link, viendez  !

Des bisous à tous !

Ca a l'air sympa ce ptit tournoi, bonne chance aux participants et des encouragements pour les organisateurs, ça doit être gratifiant de pouvoir mettre en place ce genre d'événements
BIen joué loulou !
Je pense pas que je pourrasi venir mais je te tiens au courant si ca change :)
Je passe, mais je vous souhaite quand même un bon tournoi =D
Gain proficiency with THE MOVES 

Every chess piece can move just a specific way. For example, a pawn pushes straight forward yet can just assault on an edge, each square in turn. A knight's move is L-formed. The priest moves at a point however can move more than each square in turn. The rook (château) can move just in an orderly fashion yet can go ahead, back or aside. The sovereign, the most impressive piece, can move toward any path for quite a few squares, however not two headings in a single move. Furthermore, the lord moves at a masterful pace %u2014 as a ruler should %u2014 each square in turn toward any path. 


Move the pawn before either the lord or sovereign two squares forward. (Just on its initial move can a pawn move two squares.) This opens pathways for your priests and sovereign to enter the game. They proceed onward an edge and can't get out onto the field of fight if pawns are standing out. 

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Before you move your sovereign, rooks or lord, push your knights and priests toward the focal point of the board. You need to get these pieces out from behind the pawns so they can assault. 


What's more, front! When it's your turn, consistently contemplate internally, "What did my rival's last move do? What is he up to?" Is he laying traps to catch your pieces? At that point choose your own arrangement. Continuously take a gander at all your conceivable outcomes. Take a gander at moves that would catch your adversary's men or compromise his lord first. Yet, in every case twofold check your moves before you play them. Ask yourself, "Does my move leave something unprotected?"