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This time Blizzard, don't wait 9.3 to repair Beta mistake..

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If the general consensus don't want it, it might because.. We don't like it ! I've seen way too many "you think you want it but your don't" kind of condescending mentality from https://discord.software/ blizzard over the few last xpac and that's now how blizzard https://xender.vip/ is. Blizzard used to be that company who listen their community and used to produced good quality games, since WOD I personally miss this feeling... Covenant are gonna be the major feature of this xpac like azerite is on BFA, like azerite need to be less RNG and easier to obtain, covenant need to not be a 1 trick pony pick https://omegle.onl/ 
I also agree, lizzard produced good quality games